Vivienne Must sent us a message asking and answering the question:


“Feel like sliding down the shower into a wet mess tonight? Of course, you do — Gin-Soak yourself at CREATING A SCENE by Vivienne.”


Leaving us at Out Down Under confirming our attendance at his September solo exhibition without hesitation. Who knows we might even come home with of one Vivienne’s gin induced portraits if we can get the right price. Good job we are writing this article!


Vivienne grew up in England and came to Australia in the Spring of his 29th year, and has been painting since 2006 he’s got quite the collection of portraits. Showing them at the KaDo Warehouse in Melbourne this September where the owner and curator Matthew Grant challenged him to put on an exhibition the night they met. Vivienne accepted, then ordered a rosewater gin martini cementing the idea in his mind.


“The only thing I can do is paint, cry silently, whisper sweet nothings into a filled-to-the-brim tumbler of gin, and slide down the shower wall into a slumped mess.”


His collection brings with it a naive style, that’s somewhat broken, honest, and consistent, but also not.


Post Knife 2010, Vivienne after a little nip and tuck.

“The retrospective will include just under 20 portraits of myself and one of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.  She doesn’t know about it and will likely be thrilled when she reads The Times’ review.”

Painted in the bathroom of a townhouse in Yarraville. Oxblood 2019 is the product of Vermouth for breakfast.

He’s also got a headless nude to reveal a break from his usual composition, don’t worry he’s got tiny pants on, so it’s mostly safe.  Commissions available should you want him to take them off.  Or put your number in his hand on the night.

Someone else with Vivienne

We wish Vivienne the best of luck on his retrospective and global debut, and you should join him for the best-priced gin cocktails in Melbourne’s inner city.  We’ll say that again, cocktails.

KaDo Warehouse []

Launch Party Thursday 12th of September 6 PM

Gallery open 12th – 29th September 2019

Thursday to Sunday 4 PM – 9 PM

36 Cremorne Street, Cremorne, VIC, 3121 []


Price: Free


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