Jonathan Van Ness was initially reluctant to discuss the sexual incident. (Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen/youtube)

Jonathan Van Ness has opened up about a “traumatic” sex accident which took place while he was auditioning for Queer Eye.

During an appearance on the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen after show on March 24, the host told Van Ness: “The idea of all these gay guys in a hotel together auditioning for Queer Eye—they had to all be banging.”

After initially saying: “I don’t know, I was very busy raising my cats and eating pizza,” Queer Eye‘s grooming expert revealed the grisly details of the one fling he had during the audition process.

“There was maybe one boy,” he said. “The [Fab Five] boys know. But they’ll never tell you, it’s very horrific… horrific in embarrassing terms.

“It culminated in the most embarrassing end to a first date you could ever.”

Jonathan Van Ness explains what happened during sexual encounter

After Cohen asked whether the incident involved erectile dysfunction or faeces, Van Ness said: “Much worse.”

He explained: “There was—and it’s not me, it was the other person, honey. There was a Prince Albert that was ripped out, before anything happened. The pants came out, and along with it…”

After the crowd reacted in horror, Van Ness added: “So I lovingly refer to the whole experience as ‘bloodgate.’ It was very traumatic. Hey, you asked for it!”

A Prince Albert is a penis piercing.

The Fab Five member also revealed he had a crush on the Queer Eye grooming expert from the original series, Kyan Douglas, as well as actor Rupert Everett.

Jonathan Van Ness opens up about Queer Eye audition process

Van Ness also spoke about how he got the job on Queer Eye, saying: “It was a three-day, very intense ballroom Glendale hotel room situation.

“It took, like, a week and it basically felt like cheer tryouts from hell,” he added, prompting laughter from the audience.

“It was a lot of Miss Universe; it was a lot of heartburn,” he continued.

Jonathan Van Ness made it onto the show in the end. (Noam Galai/Getty)

“And afterwards, I feel like just from being around so many talented people who all wanted the same thing, I ate so many cookie pizzas at night from the stress.”

In December on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he revealed what happened when he found out he had become a Fab Five member.

“When you audition for something, there’s non-disclosures,” he said. “I was really good about that. So I was doing my client’s hair and my assistant and I were there, and the phone rang and I saw it was them.”

“I was like, ‘Oh my God you guys, don’t make a sound, I’m just gonna put this on mute and put this on speakerphone, but you didn’t hear a thing, got it?’”

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