Uncle Dad: A brother's fight to fulfil his sister's dying wish by David Menon

With reference to a state law that says that single gay people can only adopt under exceptional circumstances, author David Menon’s new novel ‘Uncle Dad’ tells the story of a gay man called Sean who is determined to fulfil his dying sister’s wish that he adopts her two kids when she passes. But the opposition comes from his partner Brett who’s never wanted to have kids, and his own mother who doesn’t want her gay son to adopt her grandchildren.

‘I wanted to show that a gay man has exactly the same instincts to provide what’s best for children as a straight man does’ David explains. ‘But not in a preachy, point your finger in the air type of way. It’s a good story that I hope will entertain people both in our community and beyond, but also make them think and I’d like ‘Uncle Dad’ to be the kind of novel that stays with them for a while after they’ve finished reading it’.

All the way through the novel Sean’s close relationship with his niece and nephew show them already working as a ‘family’ and yet Sean’s mother continues with her fight to stop him formally adopting them and takes him to court.

‘Often the greatest opposition comes from within’ David continues. ‘But Sean feels he’s not only got the moral high ground and fights with everything he can, but he fights to be the ‘Dad’ that his niece and nephew need. He can be as forthright as his mother but his entire motivation comes from what his niece and nephew need and that makes a big impression on the court’.

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