Meet Queen Chante!

Howdy ho, squirrel friends!

When it was announced back in May that RuPaul would be guest starring on The Simpsons we were more excited that Smithers at a Malibu Stacy convention. Now we finally get our first look at who Queen Chante, the character Mother Ru will be playing on the November 18 episode of the long running animated series.

Rupaul: I’m “Queen Shante” on the Simpsons

It turns out Ru isn’t the only Drag Race queen coming to Springfield. Season 3 winner Raja will also be making an appearance on the episode, playing herself in a scene with Homer.

“I’ll never forget crying my eyes out, as rain came pouring down on the sidewalk outside the recording studio. Tears of joy,” Raja wrote in her caption on Instagram.

“The Simpsons was a huge part of my childhood, being asked to be on an episode was surreal and mind blowing, to say the least,” she added.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, The Simpsons showrunner, Al Jean revealed that in the upcoming drag-centric episode, Marge poses as a drag queen in order to sell more Tupperware:

“This is true – most successful Tupperware sellers are drag queens,” explained Jean. “So Marge starts selling Tupperware, and her friend Julio convinces her to pose as a drag queen to make more money. They think she’s a guy playing a woman, which Marge kind of looks like a little. She’s really successful and then RuPaul is playing a character like himself.”

Shantay, you stay, Marge! The Ru and Raja episode will air November 18 on Fox.