Emirates has been accused of removing same-sex kisses from films and TV shows shown while passengers travel.

Among the content that has allegedly been censored is hit TV show Killing Eve and Oscar nominated film Ladybird, which stars Saoirse Ronan, according to the Evening Standard.

The airline – which is fourth largest in the world – offers many films and television shows for passengers to enjoy while travelling, however same-sex kisses in both Killing Eve and Ladybird were not shown.

Same-sex kisses were censored

A scene in Ladybird, in which Saoirse Ronan’s character discovers her boyfriend kissing another boy, was allegedly removed.

Meanwhile, a lesbian kiss in Killing Eve was also reportedly removed from versions shown to passengers.

Emirates denied to the London Evening Standard that they had removed any footage of same-sex kisses, and said they do not have the rights to edit movie or TV content.

“Emirates acquires mostly theatrical unedited versions of content, but as a family friendly airline serving an international audience, where there is excessive violence, sex, nudity or language, we opt to licence the edited versions created by the studios/distributors,” the spokesperson added.


However, the Evening Standard said that scenes depicting straight relationships had not been removed.

Meanwhile, in 2017, Emirates said that they are a “multicultural global company” and said they do not “discriminate against people of any race, religion or sexual orientation.

Diversity is a foundation of our brand,” the company continued.

While the BBC did not comment, an anonymous source told the London Evening Standard that the broadcaster should not allow same-sex scenes to be edited out of its programmes.

LGBT+ people can face issues with airlines

Despite progress in many areas, LGBT+ people can still experience various issues when using airlines.

Last summer, Alaska Airlines was forced to apologise after a gay couple was forced to give up their seat so a straight couple could sit together.

David Cooley, an American businessman, was flying from New York to Los Angeles with his partner when the incident occurred.

Then, in August, a transgender woman was outed by a member of the crew for WestJet.

She said she felt “unsafe” after a member of the crew became “upset and confused” at the male ID photo on her passport.

The woman was forced to explain that she was transgender. The crew member then approached her when she was seated and asked to see her ID again.

The crew member then allegedly asked: “Are you sure it wasn’t your girl name?”

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