Saturday, February 23, 2019

International Triathlon Union reverses rainbow flag ban

The International Triathlon Union has reversed a ban on rainbow flags after gay athletes threatened to protest the rules. The international sporting organisation, which is the...

Male cheerleaders to perform at Super Bowl

Two male cheerleaders for the Los Angeles Rams will make history with a performance at the NFL Super Bowl. Quinton Peron and Napolean Jinnies are...

Former MLS player comes out in Instagram post with boyfriend

Former Major League Soccer (MLS) player Matthew Pacifici has revealed he has a boyfriend in an Instagram post. Pacifici, who used to be a goalkeeper...

LGBT charity calendar banned on Facebook for ‘sexual activity’

An LGBT charity calendar has reportedly been banned on Facebook for containing “sexual activity” despite it not containing any. The calendar by The Naked Rugby...

Rugby star David Pocock weds after eight-year equal marriage protest

Australian rugby union star David Pocock has finally married his long-time girlfriend, eight years after the pair took a vow to not wed until...

US swimmer Abrahm DeVine comes out as gay

A swimmer on the US national team has come out as gay, and admitted that coming out was “really tough” for him, and that he...

19-year-old diving star opens up about why he decided to come out

A 19-year-old diver from Canada has opened up about the amazing reason he decided to come out. British Columbia-native Aiden Faminoff came out last October...

USC volleyball player comes out as gay on National Coming Out Day

USC volleyball player Sam Lewis used the opportunity of National Coming Out Day to come out publicly as gay in a video posted by USC. In the...

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