Would you like a website that encourages infidelity to tell you what accents Australians find the sexiest?

That’s the route that Ashley Madison has gone down in their latest marketing ploy.

The website, which is a dating service for people who want to cheat on their partners, decided to ask 1,765 of their Australian members just what accents they found the sexiest, reports Metro.co.uk.

And in a mixed bag of fruit, it appears that one accent came out top in the quest to find someone to betray your spouse with – a person with a British accent.

With a whopping 72 percent of respondents being interested in foreign accents, and another 43 percent saying foreign accents are deeply sexy.

Coming second with 13 percent was a favouring for the French accent, with North American accents featuring third place at 9 percent.

Scandinavian and Spanish accents also ranked third in the poll with a 9 percent stake.

The results from the survey ranked the most irresistible accents as follows:

British – 17%
French – 13%
North American – 9%
Irish – 9%
Scandinavian – 9%
Spanish – 7%
Latin American – 7%
Japanese – 6%
Italian – 4%

It may be surprising to find that the silver-tongued Italians are at the bottom of the poll, with their rolling r’s polling in final place.

Although it might be best to proceed with caution when it comes to Ashley Madison, perhaps it’s worth knowing that our day can be a little bit brighter with the awareness that on the other side of the globe, there’s a group of people who are really, really into us.

In the meantime, is it ‘barth’ or ‘bath?’

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