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Movie World

Movie magic comes to life every day in Main Street, the entertainment hub of Movie World.

Don't miss the Star Parade where you will have the chance to party with all your favourite Warner Bros. Movie World characters including the lovable LOONEY TUNES characters and Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. gang.

Throughout the day, you'll have the opportunity to meet and have your photo taken with our resident Hollywood superheroes and superstars including Marilyn, and the entire LOONEY TUNES gang!

From out of this world and beyond the darkness comes a fantastic DC Super Hero thrill ride attraction for Warner Bros. Movie World!

BATWING Spaceshot, the latest in cutting edge, adrenaline pumping thrill rides is now open and complements the fantastic array of extreme rides now on offer at the Gold Coast's favourite theme park.

The awesome new BATWING Spaceshot is a rapid 4.5G vertical launch up a 60 meter tower, followed by a drop into a breathtaking negative descent - beyond freefall!

SUPERMAN Escape is an unprecedented rollercoaster ride experience which travels 0 - 100 kilometres in just 2 seconds! That's not fast that's SUPERMAN fast! With 760 metres of vertical climbs, weightless drops, head spinning twists and giant G-force turns, SUPERMAN Escape completely redefines the coaster experience.

The exciting pre-show adventure is an attraction in itself, themed around the popular DC Super Hero. Guests commence their adventure in a METROPOLIS subway loading dock. As they travel through the subway, a terrifying earthquake takes hold and threatens their safe passage.

To escape the catastrophe, SUPERMAN rescues guests by propelling their carriage out then vertically upwards at 100km per hour!

What follows is an exhilarating and hair raising rollercoaster ride experience like no other on the planet...

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