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gayjesus-1Two big billboards on display in Auckland, New Zealand are pushing the boundaries of religious tolerance of gay people.

The progressive St Matthews-in-the-City church is making headlines with the sign shown above, inviting discussion about the sexual orientation of Jesus Christ himself.

The billboard depicts the Baby Jesus in his crib with a halo of rainbow colours. “It’s Christmas. Time for Jesus to come out,” it reads.


“Some scholars have tried to make the case that he might have been gay,” says the church’s Rev Clay Nelson. “But it is all conjecture. Maybe gay, maybe not. Does it matter?”

It’s certainly not the first time the centrally-located church has courted controversy with a pro-LGBT message. This one got tongues wagging last Septemeber and some previous billboards have been vandalised.

Meanwhile further downtown, a giant ad for a local power company shows the Pope blessing a gay couple – with the tagline “Same power, different attitude.”

It takes up the entire side of a large multi-storey office block:

Most people have reacted positively to the cheeky sign, but some representatives are not amused, saying the scene depicted goes totally against the church’s principles.

A representative of the power company says the sign “aligns well with values Powershop stands for – freedom of choice and equality.”

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