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clovermooreDespite strong campaigns by a number of parties who sought to unseat her, Clover Moore has comfortably won a third term as Sydney’s Lord Mayor.

With her ‘Sustainable Sydney’ platform favouring progressiveness and equality – and more bike lanes – Moore (pictured above at a fashion promotion last week) gained over 51% of the vote in her electorate, which is home to a significant portion of the city’s LGBT citizens.

The alternatives to Moore were numerous, and of them, the Liberal Party’s Mayoral candidate Edward Mandla, who campaigned alongside Tony Abbott’s out lesbian sister Christine Forster gained the most votes – but on almost 16%, they were a long way behind. The ALP’s Linda Scott got 10% and Living Sydney’s Angela Vithoulkas had just under 10%. The Sex Party’s Zahra Stardust got 3.35% of the vote. Here’s all the results.

Some votes are still to be counted, but it looks like Moore will now have five seats on the ten-seat Sydney Council, a slight reduction from the six she had after the 2008 election. This means ‘Team Clover’ campaigner Alex Greenwich is not likely to be joining her as a counselor.

Since NSW’s Liberal Government passed new laws ensuring one person can now no longer be a city councillor and also an MP, Moore must now stand down as Sydney’s MP and face a by-election.

Greenwich has been hotly tipped as an independent candidate to fill Moore’s shoes as the new local MP, but the prominent marriage equality campaigner has remained tight-lipped on the idea so far.

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