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kravenightclubIt’s already a hit on the Las Vegas strip, but gay clubbing hotspot Krave is moving to a massive new premises in the city’s downtown area where it aims to become “the world’s largest gay club.”

Krave Massive will take over a huge unused cinema complex, where it will incorporate five different dance rooms – one each for house, top 40, hip-hop, dance, country and Latin-favoured music. There’ll also be comedy club, a performing arts theatre, an LGBT-themed movie cinema, a ‘lesbian-only’ women’s lounge, three separate bars, a martini lounge, two private lounges, a retail store and more.

“Each room will be marked by its own individual design and ambient entertainment, including a state of the art sound system, LED lighting, high-tech lasers, high output CO2 blasts and huge video walls,” says Krave owner Kelly Murphy, who recently launched the popular Drink & Drag drag queen bowling alley and bar.

“I felt it was time to explore a new model for gay nightlife, and it needed to be something big… really big,” he adds.

The Krave crew are hoping to attract around 12,000 people a week into the complex, which is set to open by the end of this year.

The announcement of the club’s plans has met with a mixed reaction, with some gay commentators looking forward to visiting the epic new one-stop-gay-shop, while others have warned the club’s owners that punter numbers at the bigger gay venues around the world are decreasing – the days of the homo megaclub may be over, they suggest.


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