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gagamelbourneLady Gaga gave her Melbourne fans a special treat – she played a brand new song no one had ever heard before.

“So this song may or may not be on my next album,” Lady Gaga told the cheering crowd. “But I wrote it a little while ago and I’ve never ever played it for anyone!”


“I’m going to play it because actually I’ve been really excited and impressed with how many superfans have been at the show. And I truly feel it would be a disservice to you all to not play it before I leave. Because when I was doing the last show, The Monster Ball, it was interesting because there would be like maybe five or ten kids that would come to, like, twenty shows in a row in America. But now there’s so many of you that have come to every single show. You’re like a caravan of Bad Kids.”

This new song is a little bit sad, the superstar added. “And it’s in no way reflective of the rest of the music on the album. But it’s about some of the most deep and personal thoughts I’ve ever had. And it’s called Princess Die..."

Watch her perform her new song "Princess Die" below.


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