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tokyodisneyWhile same-sex marriages are not legal in Japan, the management of Disneyland in Tokyo now say gay couples are welcome to have their ceremonies in their park, under the ever-watchful eye of Mickey Mouse.

The conformation happened as a result of LGBT equality blogger Koyuki Higashi enquiring about sharing a special day at the resort with her female partner.

At first, she was shocked when a staff member told her that a wedding ceremony would be fine as long as they were dressed “like a man and a woman” – since they were worried about the reactions of other visitors to the park if they appeared to be two women marrying.


Word spread through Higashi’s blog, forcing the red-faced Disney staffers to clarify.

“One of our staff members was mistaken when explaining about outfits for a same-sex wedding,” a spokesperson responded,” reports AFP.

Higashi was then happy to head to the resort, where she and her partner met the mouse.

“Mickey first looked surprised to hear that we are a ‘couple of girls’,” she wrote. “But we said we were there to thank him because same-sex weddings can be held at the Disney Resort, and he celebrated with us.”

Homosexuality is often a taboo topic in Japanese culture, but it’s good to see times are changing.

Meanwhile in the USA, Walt Disney World in Florida also welcomes same-sex couples for ‘Fairy Tale Wedding’ ceremonies, even though they aren’t currently legal. The resort also annually holds a *Gay Day, where LGBT attendees are invited to wear red and fill the park with pride, with parties to follow. Recent years have seen a growing number of same-sex couples choose that specific day to bring their children to the park.

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