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taxiclub1 doors of Darlinghurst’s iconic drag haven The Taxi Club have suddenly closed, with work to begin immediately on turning it into an office block.

A last-ditch effort to save the club has fallen flat, and a low-key poker night on Sunday proved to be its final event. Yesterday morning, the club’s management had to hastily wrap up activities in the venue which has served the local LGBT community for over 50 years.


After several years of mounting financial strife, the Taxi Club’s management said the club was in dire straits and would be forced to close at Easter time, but an approach from the Paddington Bowling Club who sought to somehow amalgamate provided some hope and the bought the Taxi a few more weeks.

Now the Taxi Club’s Board of Directors has broken the bad news to its disappointed members. “We regretfully report that as of Monday morning on the 7th May, 2012, the Taxi Club was forced to close its doors.”

The now owners of the venue, Oxford Commercial Real Estate, were keen to redevelop the property and a deal for a long-term renewal of the Taxi Club’s lease could not be struck, explain the Taxi Board. “Their Council approved plans consist of converting the Club venue into their own commercial office facility, with works to commence immediately.

“Though the Club has been required to cease trading, there are concerted efforts now being made to seek a suitable new location for the Club,” they assure. “This will continue in earnest until absolutely all avenues of possibility have been explored.

“In the meantime, we would like to take this opportunity to pass on a big heartfelt thank you to those who have loyally continued to support the Taxi, over these years, by enjoying its presence and assisting its continued existence.

“Unfortunately, the Club’s support on-mass over the past few years was never enough to allow its independent and ongoing trading. This is extremely disappointing as we feel there is no where in Sydney similar to the Taxi Club. It is an asset to the city of Sydney that, if not available, will be sorely missed.”

As shocked and saddened Taxi Club fans pay tribute to the venue on its Facebook page, a graphic on the club’s official website reinforces the message that Taxi hopes to continue into the future somehow: “Never Say Die.”

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