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stalking1It’s funny that when you first start to date someone, stalking them online is perfectly acceptable.

There are no raised eyebrowsm as far as the stalker and friend are concerned they could be talking about cooking, or toilet paper. The stalking stage is the norm, and it begins to happen as soon as you’re interested in someone.

All I can say is, thank god Facebook does not record ‘visits’ because I think a lot of my friends would probably have restraining orders against them by now.

When you think about it, you could liken it to a lion stalking its prey. Kind of like watching from the bushes as what you plan to eat for dinner (no pun intended) goes about their daily activities… What’s a little creepy though is that you’ve already picked through all of their ‘Likes’, ‘Check-ins’ and that you’ve seen every photo they’ve posted on Facebook and figured out which of the photos contains their ex. Don’t even think about denying that you’ve done this, I know what you’re thinking.

Social media makes stalking so god damn easy.

But at what stage does the stalking finish? Does it finish when the relationship begins?

Can stalking evolve into love?

I think it could go either way. Love, or you could get thrown into jail depending on how hardcore you are. Or how good your disguise is really… Digital stalking (Facebook etc) is pretty much untraceable, getting out there in the streets with a trenchcoat and fake moustache peering into windows… creepy and noticeable.

Note: This is never cute, unless you’re going to a costume party.

If you’ve taken your stalking from Facebook into the night, then you’re only a heavy breathing phone call away from a restraining order. And really, if you have to look through someone’s window I think they’re just not that into you.

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