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how to flirtThe dating scene can be a daunting experience for anybody, especially if you have just come out or are getting back on the horse again after a breakup.

Firstly the thing to remember is that most people – no matter how experienced or confident they may appear – are just as afraid of rejection as you are.

The key with flirting is to be subtle. If you come on too strong you may frighten them off. Flirting is as much about the chase as it is about the sweaty sticky result.

Begin with eye contact.

Don’t stare. Staring may make the object of your desire feel uncomfortable. Humans are animals and for most animals prolonged direct eye contact is seen as an aggressive stance.

Making eye contact and then looking away whilst keeping an eye out for a return look will help let your beau know you are interested. If your interest is returned then the next thing to do is fire off a smile. You will know if there is electricity pretty quickly.


Miley CyrusSinger-songwriter and actress Miley Cyrus has sparked a twitter debate over her new tattoo in support of gay marriage rights.

The seventh tattoo located on the ring finger of the Hannah Montana actress shows an equal sign and a photo of it was tweeted with the words “All LOVE is equal”.

The self-professed Christian then received some backlash from a few twitter fans angered with new life-long bold statement.

One angered fan wrote “look up Leviticus, 1 Corinthians. Read both chapters and tell me where God says homosexuality, incest, and polygamy is ok?” Cyrus fired back: “where does it say in the Bible to judge others? Oh right. It doesn’t. GOD is the only judge, honey. GOD is love.”

The 18-year-old has previously spoken out against the unequal treatment facing homosexuals, taking to her twitter when Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her three year old daughter Caylee. She typed: “You know the world is skewed when people get away with murdering children, but we cant get gay marriage legalised in the state of California.”

Gold CoastTHE Gold Coast has been named the world's top gay and lesbian honeymoon destination, beating Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Spain.

While gay couples can't get married in Australia, the sunny shores of the Coast have been recommended as the place to celebrate post-nuptials by website gaytravel.com.

The website, which has operated for 15 years, plugged the city as "one of the most romantic spots in the world".

"The flaxen, sun-kissed, golden sands nestled near the majestic rainforests will leave you breathless," the site reported.

Palm Springs in California came in second while Hawaii's Maui placed fifth.

Sydney, which hosts the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras each year, estimated to be worth $30 million to the economy, did not make the list.

Gold Coast Tourism niche markets manager David Cox said the recognition would give the city's pink dollar tourism a boost.

"Recognition of the Gold Coast as a premier destination for the world's gay and lesbian travellers is a genuine perception and exposure boost for our tourism industry," Mr Cox said.


Daniel GarofaliOne of Sydney’s hottest male models is launching a sultry calendar for charity.

The amazing abs of Daniel Garofali have been seen on stages around Oxford Street dancing at various gay parties and shows, but the straight Sydneysider is now concentrating on his modeling career – and is getting loads of international attention.

“The Calendar is for both 2012 and 2013 so there are 24 different images,” the man himself tells Same Same. “The year 2012 is colour and 2013 is a black and white calendar.

“Originally it was just going to be a one-year calendar but there were just too many good shots that I couldn’t leave out. It was specifically shot by photographer James Demitri in the Kangaroo Valley.”


Anthony MakkSan Francisco gay couple Australian Anthony Makk (pictured right) and US citizen Bradford Wells who have lived together for 19 years and who married seven years ago in Massachusetts, have had their lives devastated by US law just days ago.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Makk had his application for permanent residency as a spouse of an American citizen denied by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services on July 26, citing the 1996 law that denies all federal benefits to same-sex couples.

The federal law, commonly referred to as DOMA (Defense Of the Marriage Act) essentially ensures that same-sex relationships are not seen as real or petitionable relationships on a federal level, and that the only marriages / relationships that are seen as valid for legal entitlements and protections are those between a man and a woman.

Despite the Obama administration deciding that DOMA was unconstitutional, the law contin


Penny Wong and partnerFinance Minister Penny Wong’s partner Sophie Allouache is pregnant and due to give birth in December, the politician has confirmed.

“Like any expecting parents, the prospect of welcoming this child into our lives fills us both with joy,” Wong (pictured with Allouache), who is the first openly gay minister in federal politics, told AdelaideNow.

“We are extremely grateful to our IVF service and staff, and to our donor, for giving us the opportunity to raise a child together.

The baby was conceived using sperm from a donor – who will not be publicly named but is known to the couple – and with the assistance of IVF, confirms the paper.


Dave FosterHe’s a world champion axeman and a Tasmanian icon, and now he’s outed himself as the proud father of a lesbian daughter.

During an interview about his life published in the Hobart Mercury at the weekend, David “Big Dave” Foster (pictured) says: “yes, I have a lesbian daughter and I love her and am proud of her.”

Foster says his daughter Sally, her partner Lilly, and their daughter Wren, live in the Foster’s home town of Latrobe on Tasmania’s North West Coast.

Famous axe-wielder Foster has won every woodchopping championship in Australia and New Zealand multiple times, becoming the first person in sporting history to win over 1,000 championships.

In an article published in the Burnie Advocate in March 2007, Foster acknowledged that he was once “as big a bigot as you could possibly find” towards LGBT people, but that he has changed.


Jay WeatherillThe Honorable Jay Weatherill, Minister for Education and the person the Parliamentary Labor party has selected as the next South Australian Premier, has declared his support for marriage equality.

“I’ve always been a supporter of same-sex couple marriage,” he says, adding that he’s on the record as supporting the removal of discrimination against same-sex couples.

Minister Weatherill (pictured) was also questioned by reporters this week Senator Penny Wong’s announcement that she and her partner are expecting a baby.

“I’m very pleased for her and they’re a lovely couple,” he replied. “I’m sure they’ll make wonderful parents.”

Labor Member of the Legislative Council, the Honorable Ian Hunter, is not surprised by Minister Weatherill’s comments.

“Jay’s public comments on this matter reflect his values and his voting record on policy matters in the ALP and Parliament. Jay has always been deeply committed to issues of equality and social justice.”


Gay Retirement VillageAustralia is set to open its first retirement village for gay and lesbian residents in Ballan, Victoria.

A 120 unit complex is being built around 35 kilometers east of Ballarat.

Who can we thank for the “first-of-its-kind” development? Developer Peter Dickson, who has named the $30 million retirement village Linton Estate as haven for the over 55’s LGBT community. The complex will boast an Indoor Heated Spa, Bar, Cafe, Library, Croquet Lawn, Tennis Courts and much more.


Gold Coast Night OutQueensland is awesome, everyone knows that! With its beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches and friendly people, its all your best holidays wrapped into one bundle.

It used to be that people looked down on Queenslanders as uncultured and conservative, but that’s all quickly changing. Brisbane is the fastest growing city in Australia, with people from the South flooding up to enjoy the lifestyle and pace of life, and who can blame them! Brisbane has an array of clubs, festivals and places to visit that are unique and interesting to anyone in the GLBTI crowd.

The subtropical weather makes Queensland the ideal place for festivals, and we have a staggering amount of GLBTI festivals that cater to all tastes and interests.


Roller Derby GirlsIt should be no surprise to Sapphic Melbournites that their city’s lesbian scene is world renowned, but a little recognition never hurts.

DIVA UK has announced Melbourne in its Top 10 Lesbian Cities along with such illustrious company as Rio De Janerio, Amsterdam and Berlin.

Here’s what the globally-distributed lesbian-focused magazine had to say:

“Often overshadowed by its taller big sister Sydney, Melbourne has a gay scene to rival cities all over the world. The alternative area of Brunswick has a selection of quirky shops, restaurants and gay friendly bars. If a sea of blondes out on a girls-only night is your bag, head to Melbourne.”


Sydney Opera HouseA variety of Sapphic star performers are set to take to the Sydney Opera House stage this Sunday, in the centerpiece of a big Lesbian Weekender.

The huge night of entertainment will mark 20 years since a similar concert attracted 200 lesbians to the Opera House for a fun-filled evening of music and dance.

“On 10 July 2011 from 7 to 11pm lesbians will be back in the House with many of the original artists plus a whole lot more,” say the event’s organisers Creative Womyn Down Under.

The 1991 performers Judy Small, Deborah Cheetham, Anique, Kath & Ini and Jive with Jeanette dancers will be joined by Bluehouse, Julie McCrossin, Shauna Jensen, Kerrianne Cox, Mignon Lee-Warden, Donna-Maree Dunlop, Sally Whitwell, Maeve Marsden, Cath Golden, Toni Lalich & Pia Cameron.

A community choir is also on the line-up, and there’ll be an honouring of lesbians who have died during the last 20 years and a young singers showcase featuring: Bo Banta, Gabby Dever, Hannah Matysek and Genevieve Chadwick.

The rest of the Lesbian Weekender includes a Bush Dance in Marrickville’s Herb Greedy Hall, a movie night, and a Lesbian Discussion Forum in Newtown.

top or bottomIt seems like only yesterday the term top or bottom referred to what level of a bunk bed you preferred to sleep on, now being all grown up it takes a whole new meaning in defining who you are as a gay man.

Living in a gay world where the question ‘Are you a top or bottom?’ seems to be as common as asking someone what their name is, I can’t help but wonder… when did this become such a priority?

In our fast-paced society we have the freedom to explore your identity and are inspired by influential role models claiming we are all unique. But it appears the pressure to be identified as a top or bottom is limiting our sexual freedom.


Qrushr!Earlier this year when all my male friends started talking about their new favourite app Grindr, we began to joke about a version for women called ‘Grind-her’. Fast forward to the end of the year and we are introduced to the bizarrely named Qrushr!

Whenever I meet people who screw up their noses when internet dating is mentioned, I often burst out into a well-rehearsed spiel about how online dating is no different to meeting people in a club or through a shared interest. We should accept that internet dating is now the norm just like it is to have our own little piece of online turf where we show people how many friends we have or post pictures of our drunken parties.


The third episode of our hot reality series Ski Camp is here, and they’re all skating on thin ice this time.

It’s the middle of Gay Ski Week NZ and the boys cut loose at night, celebrating one of the contestant’s birthdays and forgetting that the competition heats up early the next morning.

We’re now more than halfway through the five episode series that was shot in Queenstown, thanks to our travel partner Air New Zealand.

In this episode, the four contestants are whittled down even further to the final three.

Or are they? There will be a Ski Camp twist in the next episode, and you’ll have to keep watching to find out what it is.


GrindrMobile hook-up service Grindr has had another surge in popularity since it invited Android users to join the traditionally iPhone-bound app – and interestingly, the all-male network is particularly popular with Australians.

As it celebrates two million registered users, Grindr has revealed its top ten cities with the most users. London is #1, with New York 2nd and Paris 3rd. Coming in fourth place is Sydney, followed by Singapore and then Melbourne. Gay hotspots Los Angeles and San Francisco are lower down in the top ten, with Hong Kong and Taipei.

Grindr launched on the iPhone in March 2009, and versions now available worldwide for Apple iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices.

A heterosexual version from the same developers has now been released, loftily called Project Amicus.

Harbour PartyThe New Mardi Gras crew are today confirming their Gay and Lesbian Harbour Party on the harbourside of Sydney’s gorgeous Botanical Gardens will return in 2012 – Add it to your travel guide - all set for the weekend before the iconic Parade and Party.

“We can confirm Harbour will take place on the weekend of the 25th and 26th February, the week before the Parade and Party on the 3rd March,” New Mardi Gras CEO Michael Rolik tells Same Same.

But will the party be held on a Saturday afternoon/evening instead of the traditional Sunday? The party planners want YOU to help decide.

“We are currently investigating whether it is possible to hold the event on the Saturday,” says Rolik. “There are logistical issues which we are working through with the Royal Botanic Gardens, however we’re keen at this stage to get feedback on whether it would drive substantially more ticket sales.

“Clearly there is a challenge for locals getting time off on two successive Mondays if they wish to attend both Harbour and Mardi Gras Party recovery events the following Sunday and not have to head straight back to work the very next day,” he realises.

The popular Harbour Party, which will be in its fifth year in 2012, has become an annual highlight of the Mardi Gras calendar, Rolik adds.

“There are only two dance parties a year that take place on that site and we are very lucky – as an organisation and a community – to have one of those. We are determined to make the most of it. Since taking the party over in 2008 we’ve seen steady growth and we’re getting closer to our goal of it being an annual sell-out event and a lucrative fundraiser for the Parade.”

Kathy GriffinIt looks likely that outrageous funnygirl Kathy Griffin will head down under this November, visiting four major Oz cities.

The comedienne and one-time Sydney Mardi Gras guest was tweeted by a local fan at the weekend: “Do you think Australia will be next?”

Griffin replied: “Yes! November, 4 cities, I think. Working on it.”

The Life on the D-List star has been touring America and the UK lately, making fun of potential US Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her family among other things. She recently parodied Palin on Glee, wearing a red power-suit and wide-rimmed glasses, posing as a singing competition judge. She’s also guested on RuPauls Drag Race and Law & Order Special Victims Unit where she played a lesbian activist.

Griffin’s good friend Margaret Cho has been confirmed to play the Sydney Opera House in September.

Theres something special about Cloudland on a Sunday, the night before stilhettos and suits adorned the devine patrons, but on Sunday the air breathes a more casual elegance to the venue.

Cloudland rolls back the roof, and its party time! Amazing DJs play the grooviest tunes, with a mouth watering BBQ cooked before you in our garden atrium. Step Up and Dress down for the ultimate Sunday session from 3pm.

gay australia unitedA newly-launched website has united several LGBTI groups across the country and hopes to increase the pressure on our lawmakers to act on marriage equality.
Launched this week, the My Marriage Story site enables gay and lesbian Australians and their families and friends to share their own stories about why marriage equality in important to them.

Last year the Lower House of Parliament passed a motion calling on MPs to consult with their constituents about marriage equality. This new campaign aims to help GLBTI organisations across Australia share meaningful stories with national law-makers, says Alex Greenwich of Australian Marriage Equality.
It’s about putting a face to the huge support for equality from across Australia, the tireless lobbyist explains. It will be a way for all the groups campaigning for marriage equality to reach out to as many Australians as possible and combine our voices in calling for equality.


The ALSO Foundation and producer Walter Collins have teamed together to create a groundbreaking HIV and safe sex awareness TV Commercial, made in Melbourne, and set to be screened nationally from 2nd July.

Far from the fear campaigns of the Grim Reaper 20 years ago, the new campaign takes a whole other approach to the issues, making safe sex and the decisions around it an ethical decision for the whole community living in an age where HIV is no longer a death sentence, but also where alarming rising rates of HIV infection also remain a major concern.

The new campaign, funded by the Victorian Department of Health for the Take Care Out There sexual health project, depicts scenes of everyday Aussies going about usual business; A tradesman at work, a father playing with his daughter, friends socializing. All the characters slowly come together in the final scene revealing visually more about who they are and who their partners are. The final scene shows the real sense of diversity within the community. As they come together the voice over says: No matter who you are, or what you are, in the end we all feel the same love. And whether it’s just for one night or one life time, you need to take care out there.

Get your first look at the new TV commercial in its entirety :



TV Show taunts gay familyDeep down in southern America in the heart of Texas, an edgy experiment has thrown up some astonishing reactions to gay couples dining with their kids.

ABC’s What Would You Do? took actors to a family restaurant where they ate dinner posing as a same-sex couple with two young children. They were secretly filmed as an actress waitress hassled them with bigoted remarks.

You’re gay and you have kids? the phony food server asks the female couple. It’s bad enough that you’re lesbians, but if they don’t have a father that’s kinda bad.

The show sought to find out how the real diners in the busy restaurant would react. Would they speak up to defend the gay parents?

What happened during the filming was so unexpected that one of the actors playing a parent who is actually gay herself was brought to tears.

This clip is a must-see. Take a look below, and let us know what you think of the experiment and its findings.


Lady gagaLady Gaga will return to Sydney for a one-off show transforming the Town Hall into the ‘Monster Hall’ on July 13.

But tickets will not be available to purchase. Entry into the concert will be reserved exclusively for those who win 2DayFM’s special Gaga contest.

The unique promotion, which begins on June 8 via 2DayFM’s Facebook page, means Gaga fans will have to upload one single image that best personifies just how monster they are for the chance to win their place at the event.

To launch the contest, Lady Gaga will be speaking to 2DayFM’s Kyle and Jackie O live on their morning show tomorrow (Monday 30th May).

Those who miss out on the one-off Sydney concert won’t have to wait long for Gaga’s next Aussie dates she’s hinted she’ll be here on an extended tour later in 2011.

Her global manager said earlier this month about Australia: We’ll be there in July to promote the album. Then we’re back out that way well it’ll be a surprise.

equal love rally

It began as a peaceful demonstration in Victoria Square, addressed by Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, Ian Hunter MLC, union members and young activists.

Things became rowdy when a number of evangelical christians turned up with placards reading "Warning fornicators liars God hates drunks theives adulterers homosexuals: Judgement" and "As wax melts before the fire so the wicked perish at the prescence of God."

The counter-demonstrators mingled in with the same-sex marriage supporters during the march down to Parliament House attempting to drown  them out with megaphones.

At Parliament House minor scuffles broke out, with one demonstrator claiming she was pulled from her wheelchair by a street preacher.

Police removed two of the preachers from the scene, but they were released without charge.

Source:  www.gaynewsnetwork.com.au


mums for equality

Kerryn Phelps and wife Jackie Sticker-Phelps are among a host of high-profile parents featured in a new website that urges other mums to stand up for equal gay rights.

Kerryn Phelps and wife Jackie Sticker-Phelps are among a host of high-profile parents featured in a new website that urges other mums to stand up for equal gay rights.

Launched in the lead up to Mother’s Day, the website mumsforequality.com calls on the federal government to lift its ban on same-sex marriage.

In a statement on the website, Phelps and Stricker, both proud parents, said: It is time for our politicians to respect the wishes of the majority of Australians and legislate to include same-sex couples under the Marriage Act. We pay our taxes, raise our children, love each other and want the right to have the same choice of commitment under the law as heterosexual couples. Apartheid ended in South Africa years ago, let's end it in Australia."

The initiative, which features an email form, also has the support of author and columnist Mia Freedman and Parents and Friends of Lesbian and Gays spokesperson, Shelley Argent.

Source: www.gaynewsnetwork.com.au

Brazil Mardi Gra

Brazil’s estimated 60,000 same-sex couples will soon get all the same legal rights as married heterosexuals, its Supreme Court has decided.

Gay couples in long-term partnerships will be entitled to the same financial and social rights as those in heterosexual relationships, in a move LGBT activists in the South American nation are hailing as a historic step forward.

Toni Reis, the president of the Brazilian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Association, says the Supreme Court decision is a victory for democracy.

No one has lost as a result of the decision, not even those who are contrary, but a significant proportion of Brazilian men and women have gained access to equal rights guaranteed by the Federal Constitution thus far denied to same sex couples, she notes.

Couples will be able to officially register their partnership, like in states of Australia and in the UK.

 Central QLD Fair Day

CQ Fair Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of local gay-friendly businesses, health services, and performers and to allow the LGBT community to gain access to information on health, sexuality and support services.

The 2011 CQ Fair Day will be held on Saturday 21 May and the Central Queensland University, Rockhampton Campus t will be host to an assortment of live entertainment, stalls, fun activities and much more.

So be sure to join the fun and celebrate the diversity of the central Queensland LGBT community.

Elton John

Sir Elton John is coming to Australia this summer for concerts with his band in five centres.

Brisbane, the Hunter Valley, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth will be treated to a special night with the piano man.

After attending the Royal Wedding last month, he’s now back on tour, currently in Canada and leading his band around Europe in June and July, before 16 dates in Vegas in October.

Sir Elton’s Aussie dates will then begin on Wednesday 30th November at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, then he heads south to the iconic Hunter Valley for a performance under the stars at Hope Estate on Saturday 3rd December his only NSW appearance on the tour.

The show then rolls south to Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena on Tuesday 6th December, then onwards to Adelaide for A Night At Coopers Amphitheatre at the Coopers Brewery on Friday 9th December before closing the tour in Perth at Burswood Dome on Sunday 11th December.

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